West Virginia unhappiest state of America, Utah becomes happiest


United States: Americans are not living a happy and joyful life, according to a study conducted by Wallethut. The survey conducted has found that most Americans, i.e., 75 percent, are stressed, depressed and unhappy. The study ranked West Virginia as the most unhappy state in the United States.

The major factor behind the unhappy US was the rising food prices in the year 2023 – which led to high-stress levels. It is to be noted that the place where the citizens live also contributes towards the happiness quotient.

The researchers outlined that the people across all 50 US states were analyzed to perform the survey. The study was based on 30 key metrics, from depression rate to unemployment rate to income growth. However, it was further watered down to three main criteria, which are as follows:

  1. Community and Environment
  2. Emotional and Physical Well-Being and
  3. Work Environment

What experts have to say?

 A study author, Ellen Langer – a psychology professor at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, underlined, “The more mindful we are, the less stress we experience and the happier we will be.”

However, Ellen does believe, ‘If you are mindful and feel supported and cared for by those around you, you can be happy wherever you are.’


Most unhappy states of the US

With a happiness score of just 35, the study ranked West Virginia as the most unhappy state among all 50 US states

The other ten states, which scored between 40 to 49, are:








New Mexico


Happiest states of the US

The happiest state, Utah, has scored a ranking of 69.79. The study suggested that it was because of their working towards the development of the community environment. The state has been followed by the following states, which also worked on the emotional and physical well-being of the citizens and residents:




New Jersey




Idaho, and


Depression Rate!

According to the study, the most depressed US states can be ranked as Arkansas, Tennessee, Vermont, Kentucky and West Virginia. However, the least depressed states are Hawaii, Florida, California, Maryland and South Dakota.

Suicide Rate!

The highest number of suicide cases were reported from New Mexico, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. And, the least suicide cases were in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Income growth!

The study has estimated that the highest income growth is enjoyed by the population of California, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and Washington and the lowest income growth was analyzed in Alaska, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Wyoming and North Dakota.